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News Archive 2019

09.-12. October 2019 

71st ICAR Conference and Assembly of delegates in Zakopane (Poland)

Thank you TOPR (Tatrzańskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe topr.pl),

for an excellent organisation of a brilliant ICAR Conference in 2019.

ICAR MedCom has worked very hard and efficient during the meeting, working on current and new recommendations, focusing on hyper- and hypothermic medical conditions, psychological health of our rescuers and reinforcing international exchange and collaboration. It was a very successful conference for ICAR MedCom and we would like to thank everybody for the superb presentations and the hard work you put into the delvelopment of ICAR MedCom.

Thank you!

08 October 2019

Hypothermia Meeting in Krakow

The ICAR Medical Comission meets at the Krakow Hypothermia Centre with the local Experts on Hypothermia.

We listened to interesting presentations and case reports on Hypothermia. Incredibly, there are hundrets of suspected cases of hypothermic CA in Poland per annum! In the Severe Hypothermia Treatment Centre (SHTC) in Krakow the specialists not only know how to treat severe HT and how and when to put their patients on ECMO 24/7 but they also achieved an incredible awareness about Hypothermia among the public and among all rescue personnel.

Visit the centre website on http://www.hipotermia.edu.pl/

Members of ICAR MEDCOM were invited to visit the cold chamber where many exercises, equipment tests and trainings have taken place. The SHTC Team organised a splendid training session for us.

Check the video footage (courtesy of Hermann Brugger) ...

Yes, it was cold (snow & wind)

Yes, it was loud (thunder & lightning)

Yes it was hard work

and YES , it was a lot of FUN!

23. September 2019

New Website online!

Welcome to the brand new website of ICAR MedCom !


Some sections are still being tested and worked on for optimal performance and thorough content.

24 August 2019

Patronage of the International Hypothermia Registry

ICAR has decided to take on the patronage of the INTERNATIONAL HYPOTHERMIA REGISTRY.

Please visit the website of the IHR for further information on how to participate.



05 April 2019

Scientific Opening of the Terra X Cube in Bolzano Italy

Today presents the scientific opening of the Terra X Cube in Bolzano. Many scientists from around the world gather for this extraordinary event that sets a milestone in the history of high altitude medical resesarch.